C K 45

CK 45 is an aerosol penetrating lubricant fortified with friction-reducing substances. CK 45 penetrates rapidly to loosen parts that are frozen due to wear, corrosion, heavy grease or grime build-up. CK 45 provides excellent and long-lasting lubrication to moving parts. Micron-sized particles of PTFE work like thousands of tiny ball bearings to dramatically reduce friction and wear. CK 45 deposits a protective film to retard corrosion, prolong the life of machinery, and reduce down-time. The solvent action of CK 45 removes accumulations of grease and grime from surfaces to allow contact with the lubricating, protective film. The lubricating film remains effective over a wide temperature range. CK 45 is excellent for use on industrial machines, business machines, motor shafts, guns, sports equipment, shop tools, saws and drills, electric motors, vending machines, locks, hinges, roller bearings, conveyors, pulleys, nuts and bolts, all rusted and corroded parts. Use on any surface that slips, slides, rubs, rolls, moves, turns, twists, or pivots. CK 45 does not contain 1,1,1 Trichlorethane.

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