Gum Blaster Kit

Works great for blasting gum spots, simply place the gum blaster tool over the gum spot and squeeze your pressure washer trigger gun.

The turbo nozzle will then rotate at 3000 RPM and pressure up to 4000 PSI at temperatures up to 212 degrees F.

The vacuum will then suck up the water and gum residue, leaving the surface free of gum, without spreading it further from the gum spot.


  • 2" Vacuum hose hook-up

  • Heavy duty brush to create vacuum seal and eliminate overspray

  • YR51K40 Turbo Nozzle rotates at 3000 RPM

  • In-line 100 mesh filter to keep debris out of turbo nozzle

  • 212* F Rated

  • Minimum Pressure Required 2600 PSI

  • Maximum Pressure 4000 PSI

  • 1/4" Male quick coupler for easy hook up to lance

  • 3- Adjustable caster for easy maneuverability

  • Removable cap assembly for easy service of the turbo nozzle

  • Powder coated paint

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