Mi-T-M: HHS Series

Hot Water, Electric Powered Oil-Heated Belt Drive

· Thermal relief valve
· Easy pump oil drain motor
· Open drip-proof electric motor with thermal overload protection

Frame: Wand holder

Components: Pressure switch and high limit switch safety controls

Unit Includes:
· Insulated trigger gun with safety lock-off
· Adjustable pressure-insulated dual lance/wand (except on HHS-303)
· Single lance with dual insulated grips
· Steam nozzle (HHS-303)
· 50-foot x 3⁄8-inch high pressure hose with quick connects, (50-foot steam hose on HHS-303)

Miscellaneous: 300°F/149°C operating temperature (HHS-303) - Temperature rise 150°F/66°C above ambient

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