Pit Cleaner

Here is just the right tool to aid in the cleanup of solids in hard-to-reach places. The Mi-T-M Pit Cleaner is designed to draw and strain the solids that collect in wash-water pits, and is effective in applications such as:

· Mud and sludge pits
· Sand pits
· Heavy grass clean-up

Use with pressure washers 2.0 to 5.0 GPM and 1000 to 4000-PSI

Pit Cleaner Components:

· RC-0003-0001 Sludge Carrier Movable Cart: Designed to hold the sludge bags.

· 855-0017 Sludge Box Plastic Box: Designed to hold the sludge bags.

· RC-0003-0002 Biodegradable Sludge Bags: Designed to capture the sludge while allowing the water to flow freely out, used with either #855-0017 sludge box or #RC-0003-0001 sludge carrier, 5 qty.

· Rotating Elbow: For convenience while vacuuming out pits, elbow swivels to follow the direction of the hose.

· RC-0002-0001 Pit Cleaner Assembly Includes: The suction lance, gun, suction head, and flex hose; 87-inch suction lance is capable of vacuuming up to 1-inch diameter solids, 20-feet of flexible hose is standard with the suction lance. The handle adjusts for the comfort of the operator.

· Suction Head: Via a venturi-effect in the suction head that is caused by force from pressure washer, mud is sucked from the bottom of the pit to the biodegradable sludge bag.

The importance of a Proper Pit System:

Once equipment is washed, the untreated wash water flows into your pit system. A proper pit system for your application is the first step in proper wash-water treatment, and a critical element in any wash-water recycle system. Consult us to determine the pit system configuration that works best with your application.